Class II Correction

Class II correction devices promote growth in adolescents, helping to eliminate excessive overbites, improve the fit of teeth, and possibly prevent the need for jaw surgery. These appliances provide a continuous, light force to move your jaw and teeth into their correct positions. Plus, there are no daily adjustments to make.

The constant force given by class II correction devices means that it works without you having to do anything. Even while you sleep, your appliance is helping to move your jaw and teeth into alignment. The appliance works with your existing braces and wires, so there is no need to interrupt your planned treatment.

Class II correction devices used at Diddle Orthodontics have a low profile and do not bow into the cheek. They allow for a full range of motion so your speech and eating habits won't be affected. Best of all, there is no external apparatus (headgear) required. It sits in the back of your mouth, so no one will even notice it's there.

Your appliance is designed to be easy to brush clean and there are no gaps to trap food. You'll be able to continue your oral hygiene habits as usual without having to worry about cleaning around a bulky appliance. As with any orthodontic appliance, hard and sticky food should be avoided and brushing is always recommended after every meal.

Feel free to contact our office to learn more about the advantages of class II correction at Diddle Orthodontics!

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